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Shopping Process
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Add items to your cart by clicking on the Add to Cart button for each item you want to buy.
Confirm cart contents
Once you've added everything you want to your cart, click the View Cart button. On this page, confirm the contents of your cart, and then click Check Out.
Check out
You will be prompted to log in or create an account, or check out as a guest. Choose the option you desire and follow the steps that appear.
Confirm order details
You will receive an order confirmation email after completing the checkout process. Please ensure all details are correct, and contact us if there are any problems or questions.
Receive items
The last step is waiting to receive your order. Depending on the shipping option selected, this may take some time. Once you receive your items, enjoy! Again, if there are any problems with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help fix the issue. Happy shopping!

Please consider each card in this store is Near Mint condition.
Purchase of each card is limited up to 4 quantity at a time.
Payments should be completed within one week of order.

Due to current world situation, shippable countries and shipping options are restricted.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your understanding.
Shippable Area List 
Shipping & Handling

Shipping zones
Middle East A・・・2,400 JPY Middle East B・・・2,400 JPY Canada・・・2,400 JPY Europe・・・2,400 JPY
United States・・・2,400 JPY
Registered air mail

Shipping zones
Asia 1・・・900 JPY Asia 2・・・900 JPY New Zealand・・・1,100 JPY

Shipping zones
Asia 1・・・1,500 JPY Asia 2・・・1,900 JPY Middle East A・・・3,200 JPY Australia・・・3,200 JPY
New Zealand・・・3,200 JPY United States・・・3,900 JPY
日本郵便 クリックポスト

Shipping zones
Japan・・・250 JPY
Item prices do not include tax. Taxes will be added on checkout.
Tax rates by country are listed below.
Country Tax
Japan Consumption tax: 10%
The following Payment Method are available:
After completing the order you will be directed to PayPal
ゆうちょ銀行(Japan Post Bank) *From Japan Only
記号:10220 番号:65247861 名義:ニクマル コウヘイ
〇二八店 普通 6524786 名義:ニクマル コウヘイ

about Point
You can get 5% store point for your next purchase!


Save Points

Earn 1 point for every 20 JPY you spend in our store!
※ The points are valid for 1 year.
※ Amounts less than 20 JPY are omitted.
※ Point calculations do not include charges for postage.


Use Points

You can start using points as soon as you have 1 point available.
(equivalent to 1 JPY)
※Points cannot be used for postage.


You can check your points and transaction history
in the "My Page"
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